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The benefits of training with UCP Thailand

Training as a bodyguard in Thailand can provide several benefits:


  • Access to specialized training: Thailand is known for its martial arts and combat sports, and some bodyguard training academies in Thailand may offer specialized training in areas such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and other forms of hand-to-hand combat. This can give bodyguard trainees in Thailand a unique set of skills that can set them apart from other bodyguards.
  • Affordable training: The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, which can make training as a bodyguard in Thailand more affordable compared to training in other countries.
  • Exposure to diverse cultures: Thailand is a melting pot of different cultures and customs, which can provide bodyguard trainees with exposure to diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking. This can be beneficial for bodyguards who may work with clients from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Beautiful and diverse locations: Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and temples, as well as its bustling cities. Bodyguard trainees in Thailand can take advantage of these diverse locations to train in different environments.
  • Real close protection work environment: Bangkok is a frequent destination for VIP’s, which can provide Bodyguard trainees with the opportunity to gain real-world experience

What is the benefit of a British license in security ?

A British license in security is a certification that demonstrates an individual’s qualifications and competency in the field of security. It is issued by UCP in the United Kingdom. Here are a few benefits of having a British license in security

Legal Recognition


A British license in security is required for certain roles within the security industry, such as working as a security guard or door supervisor. This means that having a British license in security allows you to legally work in these roles within the United Kingdom.

Professional Credibility


Having a British license in security demonstrates to potential employers that you have met the qualifications and standards set, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the security industry. This can increase your chances of getting hired and can also make you more attractive to high-paying clients.

Career Advancement


Having a British license in security can open up more opportunities for career advancement, as some employers only promote licensed professionals to management positions. Additionally, having a British license in security can make it easier to transition to other related fields such as private investigation or security consulting.

Demonstrates commitment


Having a British license in security shows that you are committed to the profession and have invested time and resources in obtaining the necessary qualifications. This can demonstrate a level of dedication and professionalism that is highly valued by employers.

Access to better resources


Some British license in security may provide access to job boards, career services and other resources that can help individuals find employment after graduation. Additionally, being part of a professional association can provide access to networking events and other opportunities that can help advance your career.

Standardized training


British license training is based on international standards and regulations which may be recognized by other countries and employers.


Train and work to become a Close Protection Operative (CPO) in the security industry.

Why choose a UCP Bodyguard Academy as your training provider?

UCP is the First and Only One Security Company to deliver the Close Protection Level 3 Award and the Firearms Level 4 Award in Asia through an International Body for Compliance and International license.


UCP is proud to have a direct center status with ProQual allowing the graduates.


UCP is one of the oldest most established training providers in the world with several globally positioned academies in Africa, Europe, UK, Americas, Middle East, and Asia


UCP offers jobs, employment and other opportunities to most of the candidates that pass.


UCP instructors are experts and specialists from a diverse background including British, French and US Military


UCP is a Government approved training center to instruct at government level


UCP is an approved MoD supplier for ELCAS funding

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