2003 – Present day the UCP Brand has been the pinnacle of training standards.

UCP Group wrote the first ever Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer and Private Security Contractor and wrote the industry’s first ever Firearms training Program for the security industry and was endorsed by Highfield international awarding Body for compliance.

UCP Group and UCP Thailand is an independent private security and training company with global operations as well as worldwide training academies to serve our clients the operatives they deserve.

 20 years of paving the way for others to follow, we provide an unrivalled service displaying the utmost levels of expertise and professionalism in Close Protection Teams, Individual Bodyguards, Asset Protection and Hostile Environment Close Protection armed officers.

UCP Group and UCP Thailand provide high-quality SIA and RQF Diploma Level security courses that exceed the industry standard. Our operational experience leaves our delegates reassured that they are receiving world-leading training from a world-class instructor-based program.

 UCP Instructors are the best in the industry that’s fact. Our experienced personnel mostly from military backgrounds will provide you with the most up to date techniques from special forces drills and skills to specialist private techniques brand new to the industry. World travel and constant learning is our policy for the instructors.

UCP Thailand Bodyguard Academy gives the options of residential, packages and bolt -on courses, or just the stand-alone courses and even eLearning courses.

UCP Thailand deliver the most recognised awards in the world. Due to the awards earned, we have associated with many operational companies that request our highly trained ready to work operatives.

Our close protection operatives and bodyguards:

  • Are male and female officers.
  • Are former elite military, police, and intelligence officers and civilians.
  • Can work high or low profile.
  • Armed protection and covert carry.
  • Can work both long-term and one-off occasions.
  • Are highly trained and certified.
  • Are multilingual.
  • Are charismatic, physically fit and well-dressed.
  • Have great interpersonal skills.
  • Have a pro-active approach.
  • Are masters in unarmed protection through unique methods of advanced work and planning.
  • Have all received additional close protection training, such as: surveillance detection, trauma medical and advanced driver training.

    Our mission

    Our mission is to provide the industry a high level security operatives through our training programs to eventually protect clients, their family, business, and assets from all possible threats.